Footwear: goodbye to Raymond Massaro, “bottier du siècle” for Chanel (and not only), “great professional of the leather industry”

Raymond Massaro, “le bottier du siècle”, died yesterday being 90 years old. Grandson of the founder of the maison Massaro, he was born in 1929 and, after obtaining his shoemaker diploma in 1947, he went to work in the family business, which he then took over in 1957. After creating the first elastic ballerina for Madame Grès, made popular by Brigitte Bardot, in 1957 the designer created for Coco Chanel the iconic beige and black slingback sandal, with an asymmetrical cut and the elastic. Since then the collaboration with Chanel has continued for decades. In 2007, Raymond Massaro decided to sell the family business to Paraffection, a subsidiary of Chanel, the house for which he created most of the shoes used in fashion shows. He was president of the National Chamber of Bottiers and also held the position of vice-president of the Conseil National du Cuir which defines him today: “A great professional in the leather industry”. Last year the book Secret de Bottier was released, in which Raymond Massaro retraced his 60-year long career.

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