Footwear: surrounded by Tickets and production prizes, Roveda (Chanel) activates new welfare programs inside the company

9 euros worth of Ticket Restaurant (with which you can pay lunch), per day. 1,350 euro per year as a performance prize. 220 euro worth of Ticket Compliments (with which you can buy just about anything, from groceries to clothing), every 12 months of work. This is what was established in the agreement between CUB Tessili di Legnano (union), and footwear manufacturer Roveda di Parabiago, important and historic local business that is part of the Chanel group. The company was founded in the 1950’s by Giovanni Roveda, it grew rapidly and after about 10 years it started collaborations with famous luxury brands such as Lanvin, Roger Vivier, Chloè, Emmanuel Jhanh, Christian Lacroix, Valentino, Gucci and, at the end of the 1980’s, Chanel, who later purchased the footwear manufacturer in 2000. Roveda now employs over 300 people, (50 of which do product development), and it manages a web of 30 consolidated partners. The agreement underwritten by the two parties includes a confirmation of jobs, investments, and a 9-euro Ticket Restaurant per day. Additionally, top-performing prizes will be awarded in the sum of 1,250 euro in 2019, 1,300 euro in 2020, and 1,350 the following year. And last, an additional prize worth 220 weuro in form of Ticket Compliments will also be distributed. In addition to all these improvements, the company introduced other welfare programs these past few months: such as 14-weeks of paid paternity leave– against the 5 days currently ensured by the law -, and insurance for serious illnesses. Image taken from the company’s website.

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