JAC shoes created from the synergy between Torresi and Cesare Pizzuti

JAC shoes created from the synergy between Torresi and Cesare Pizzuti

A new footwear brand launched during the pandemic was born thanks to the union of two Marche-based companies. JAC’s case (Just Another Copy) is a unique case emerging from the agreement between the Torresi family (owner of footwear factory Galizio Torresi) and Cesare Pizzuti, which after having closed Zeis Excelsa, continued with its footwear manufacturing operation. Pizzuti, lone administrator of the new entity that is located in Morrovalle (Macerata) tells us about the new adventure.

The synergy between Torresi and Cesare Pizzuti

How did this collaboration start?

I think that, in order to keep going at a time like this, synergies and alliances are of paramount importance. The Torresi family reflects the fundamental values we need, including those of our region. We plan on dividing the tasks among ourselves. We began a few months ago, even though the legal entity was only created in February.

A joint activity created during the pandemic…

It was a choice. We are optimistic and hope that, by September, the situation with the pandemic will have improved drastically. That way we will be able to use the economic recovery and increased consumption. We really hope so.

The business model and goals

What are JAC’s goals?

As of now we launched the brand Just Another Copy and, with time, we will also close some acquisitions.

How is the company structured?

It’s very agile, with almost no fixed costs. It doesn’t have a manufacturing unit but rather uses the current collaborations with the laboratories in Montegranaro and Monte Urano, so that production will be fully made in Italy, which we think to be the winning move. We don’t plan on opening stores and/or owned outlets.

What’s the endgame?

To be present inside 120 retail points by September. We are now up to 75, so we should be able to achieve our objective.

The digital channel?

It’s today something that we can’t ignore. We already have a virtual showroom, but we are also looking for additional innovative systems that can coexist with the development of physical retail.

The collection and leather (the fundamental material)

Just Another Copy has already launched its first collection, can you describe it to us?

The rand was created to be provocatory, with a first collection that ranges across the scheme (90% of the 30 options are for the female market) that was very well liked by retailers. We want to do something different. We already handed over about 1,000 pairs, and we will then move to foreign markets when the situation will allow it.

And leather?

The collection is all made with leather, which we believe to be the fundamental material. The pandemic taught us that leather Made-in-Italy shoes have added value if they are 100% Italian.

In picture on the left Luca Avallone (CEO Galizio Torresi) and Cesare Pizzuti (CEO JAC)

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