Nike missteps on July 4th: the celebratory model gets pulled. Why?

La bandiera sul tallone delle Nike è schiavista

Nike missteps with the Air Max 1 Quick Strike Fourth of July. The US-based giant didn’t even have time to launch its new sneakers to celebrated 4th of July as it was forced to pull them right away.

Banana Peel

The reason? The small flag sown on the heel of the shoe. It depicted the American flag of the 18th century, with 13 stars forming a circle on a blue background and 13 stripes. The flag was used, as explained by the Wall Street Journal, between 1777 and 1795, when the country was living a period of legal slavery.

Kaepernick’s protest

Always according to the WSJ, Nike also decided to pull the sneakers following the protests of Colin Kaepernick, ex-quarterback of San Francisco’s 49ers (American Football), who is a reference individual for fighting back against discrimination towards African-American football players. He is the player that is remembered because he remained sitting during the US National Anthem during a game. Kaepernick stated he found the sneakers offensive due to the flag on the heel, which reminds people of a dark era of the country.

Ducey’s disappointment

Doug Ducev as well, the governor of Arizona, wrote via Twitter his “disappointment for the terrible decision” and announced he no longer wants to guarantee the company, which is about to build a new production site within the State’s borders, any incentives. The decision to pull the product could calm protests.

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