Premiata launches the first circular sneaker: the leather is by Sciarada

Premiata launches the first circular sneaker: the leather is by Sciarada

“It is the first product of a green family that will expand soon”. These are the words by Premiata’s Moreno Cerioni. The brand from Marche launched the first circular sneaker by virtue of a choice that directly involves the Evolo project of Tuscan tannery Sciarada. Let’s see how and why.

The first circular sneaker

Sneakers are Premiata’s production specialty. Its first circular model has just arrived on the market, and is called John Low. 80% of it is produced with recovered/regenerated materials. Starting with the upper, made with leathers by Conceria Sciarada, and with nylon produced by Limonta. But not only. “The lining is made in goat tanned without the use of chemicals, and biodegradable.

The bottom is in rubber and EVA. The rubber is 50% recycled and 50% natural. EVA is 40% recycled. The box is also made of certified recycled cardboard. The colours used for the writings are made with water-based ink, and we invite customers to reuse the packaging” explains Cerioni. “For us, this shoe is hyper innovative. It is the first project that uses so many environmentally friendly materials, the result of a long-lasting study. To make it happen, we reinterpreted the first historic Premiata model called Lucy”.

Evolo leather by Sciarada

“Ours is a regenerated suede, the result of a new innovative production process – explains Simone Castellani, commercial director at Conceria Sciarada -. It allows us to recycle processing waste, and achieve superior performance. The article, patented in Italy and abroad, is called Evolo. It is obtained by recovering and reusing suede processing waste (Re-Suede), significantly reducing chemical products.

There is no further addition of chromium and a significant reduction in the use of water and lower CO2 emissions is obtained. It is leather working on leather. Thus it regenerates”. Evolo, explains Castellani, “is the result of 8 years of technological innovation of the Sciarada’s Research & Development department. And the surprising thing is that when we went to do laboratory tests, we realised that colour fastness doubles”.

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