The Danes from Ecco, not throwing away anything: bags made with leather scraps

The Danes from Ecco, not throwing away anything: bags made with leather scraps

The Danes of Ecco, a group specialised in footwear (and leather goods), not throwing away anything, much less leather scraps coming from their tannery in Holland. To be precise, they have launched a project to recover what is left of the internal product development process in their own Style Office. And they make a new bags line out of it.

The Danes don’t throw anything away

Each year, the designers of Ecco Style Office design hundreds of models. “Our leather innovation laboratories are like Charlie’s Chocolate Factory (from Willy Wonka, ed) – explains product director Birgit Kröger to (where the image is from). There are so many incredible leathers developed there. We wanted to do something special and responsible with unused samples”.

The result of the recovery

Starting from this premise, Ecco has developed the new collection of Tannery bags, made with the leathers discarded during some of the design phases. Bags are large shoppers, an example (yet another) of a trend that is now transversal to the entire supply chain: that of upcycling. Fashion still runs fast but, as the Financial Times highlights, now the narrative of this world revolves around the concept of sustainability and reducing the environmental impact. Two aspects that Hearst, which also relies on made in Italy, calculated from the first day of activity. Today, for example, it uses 30% recycled cashmere and has mapped its supply chain as much as possible. A sustainability to certain values ​​that Covid has increased.

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