Spain’s footwear export trend is positive in January and February too. Imports grow more though…

In January and February 2018, Spain’s footwear kept going well, following last year positive trend, therefore increasing exports for 12 months in a row. Yet still they have not reached their “top” performances, as they had done prior to 2016 crisis, which caused Spain’s exports to lose 10% of the overall value. According to Customs General Agency, in the first two months of 2018 Spanish shoe factories exported over 30 million pairs of shoes, while reaching around 534 million euros in terms of revenues: that is, +3,1% as to volumes, and +1,4% as to earnings. Their main business markets are respectively France, Italy, Germany, The United States and Portugal. Average price is 17,67 euros a pair. Yet imports are going up faster (and the Spanish government is most concerned about that): over 63 million pairs of shoes in two months, which are worth about 571 million euros, growing by 8,3%, on annual basis, in terms of volumes, and increasing by 3,4% in terms of revenues. Average price is 9 euros…


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