The Cité de la Chaussure to open in Romans-sur-Isère, France: “We rely on a model based on craftsmanship, not on industry”

The Cité de la Chaussure is due to open today in Romans-sur-Isère, France. They turned a former supermarket into a space to host the laboratories (which visitors may come and see) of 5 companies, which have been promoting the project, alongside a multi-brand store, which extends across 300 square metres, to sell their own products as well as the ones made by other local manufacturers. The cost of the project amounts to 3.3 million euros, allocated through fully private assets. “Our goal is to attract here 100,000 people a year”, remarked Christophe Chevalier, chief executive officer of Archer group (the promoters of the project), while speaking to They also aim at creating 100 jobs at least. “Here the future of footwear is feasible as long as we give up an industrial model along with factories that employ hundreds of people. We rely on a model mostly based on craftsmanship, aiming to make niche products with a highly added value”, pointed out Chevalier.

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