The die is cast, CIMAC inaugurates its new HQ: a new R&D season (and more) is starting for the footwear segment

The acronym synthesizes all its core values: Consultancy, Innovation, Monitoring, Analysis, Certification. But also: Centro Italiano Materiali di Applicazione Calzaturiera (Italian Center for materials in the footwear segment). In one word: CIMAC. The research & development center promoted by Assocalzaturifici, founded 34 years ago by Luigino Rossi, is officially up and running. The new Hq was opened in Vigevano: 2,200 square meters “of modern services to the innovation of the footwear industry”, against the 950 square meters of the historic location. Cutting the ribbon, in the presence of a large group of entrepreneurs from many Italian districts, was Assocalzaturifici’s president, Annarita Pilotti: “At the start of my mandate, four years ago, CIMAC’s relocation wasn’t in the plan, but one of the first things I did was to visit the old location, which appeared to be obsolete, most of all in relationship to the quality of the work that was done there, and that, in the last four years, has allowed it  to increment its revenue by 40%. The need to move was of current concern, and thus, thanks to the help of Vigevano’s city hall, we finalized this opening ceremony. Having seen the general difficulties surrounding the Italian footwear segment, CIMAC is the crown jewel: it is our duty to support it, and make it grow and blossom”. With 20 employees (“a number that could increase”, says Pilotti), CIMAC opens itself to new horizons, as explained by Massimo Martinoli (from Cesare Martinoli-Caimar in Vigevano, footwear producer): “The need to create a site that was large enough for the market’s new needs came up 8 years ago. Today, with this new Hq, CIMAC can support its development, which is also ties to the eco-green topic, as well as further improve its services for the footwear segment”, additionally to possibly offer its services to other fashion segments.


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