100% American, with Italian traction: here are Sharkchaser bags

Americane 100% a trazione italiana: ecco le borse Sharkchaser

Made in Italy manufacture. Strictly Italian leathers. Sharkchaser’s bags, a luxury brand founded in New York by Victoria Grantham, are 100% American. Her name is well known in the fashion world. As a matter of fact, her resume is quite important. Master at the Royal College of Art in London. Significant roles in Donna Karan and Louis Vuitton’ style offices, where she helped launch menswear under the guidance of Marc Jacobs. Owner of the VGrantham brand. And now the architect of a new entrepreneurial path.

Italianness pride

“Our bags are handmade in Italy, with particular attention to the superior level of Italian craftsmanship and materials”, reads the brand’s website. Sharkchaser is named after “Shark Chaser”, the name of a survival kit first released by the US military during the Second World War. Composed of copper salts and dye contained in a large tea bag, it discouraged potential shark attacks.

Not the usual bags

“I didn’t want to make a simple collection of bags. I wanted this to be a collection with a special design. And, at the same time, a functional proposal in the digital age. In January we will present the pre-fall 2020, our second season. The idea is to create two collections a year with limited edition for certain markets” explained the designer to MFFashion. Sharkchaser accessories stand out because they include an exclusive shielded fabric that protects the wearer from 99.99% of the electric fields and radio frequencies emitted by mobile phones. For now, the collection consists of two models: The Triangle and The Bubble, both developed in different sizes.

Images from sharkchaserofficial.com

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