China, Ivanka becomes a synonym of fashion products, cosmetics and diapers

There are are 227 different types of items produced by Chinese firms that bear the name of the daughter of the new president of the United States. This curious news was revealed by the Trademark Office of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce in Beijing. These are mainly fashion products like shoes, handbags, clothing, but also cosmetics and even diapers. What connects all the articles included in this very different list? It is the product name, “Ivanka”, referring to the 35-year-old daughter of the US President Donald Trump, had by his first wife, Ivana. Ivanka, a former model (pictured), has its line of handbags, shoes, clothing, accessories. If Nordstrom recently decided to stop selling items signed by the daughter of the US President – with a huge disappointment of the latter expressed on Twitter – in China the name “Ivanka” is serious business. A firm headquartered in Beijing has registered 55 patents to use the transliteration of Ivanka in China and 11 others to use the original name in English. This company offers weight loss products and services. However, Trump’s daughter it’s not the first to attract Chinese businessmen interest. It is rather recent the judgment of the Beijing Supreme Court that forced the closure of a sporting goods company because its name was transliteration in Chinese characters of Jordan, the surname of the former NBA star.


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