Fast food, not fashion: KFC and its Italian leather Wrapuette

Fast food, not fashion: KFC and its Italian leather Wrapuette

It costs 235 euro, which puts it in the so-called “premium” segment. It’s not luxury, but it’s not fast fashion either. It’s made with leather, from Italy, and in order to buy one you must join the waiting list, as if it were a Birkin bag by Hermès. The company that launched this product, which is brilliant and wonderful, isn’t one you would expect: Kentucky Fried Chicken, aka KFC, the US-based fast-food chain specialized in, you guessed it, fried chicken.

Fast food, not fashion

KFC launched its Wrapuette, making an incursion into the fashion accessories’ segment to promote its new “dish”: the Twister Wrap. The food company could have promoted the latter in many ways, but it decided to have a customized version of the “baguette” handbag designed. Then, KFC decided to have them made with red Italian leather by London-based craftsman. There is no fast fashion element in the fast-food chain’s project.

Style and rifinement

KFC explains when describing the handbag (in photo), that it’s perfect in its “exclusivity” (maybe for this very reason), “in keeping the KFC Twister Wrap warm”. The handbag is an integral part of the launch campaign for KFC UK. It’s called Wrap of the Day Deal, and, points out, “has the possibility of having a different flavor for every day of the week”. Wraps to be transported, says KFC, in the “a bag that emanates style and sophistication”. Beside from the marketing-tied purpose, the Wrapuette has a goal: all profits from the sale will be donated to the KFC foundation.




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