France: leather goods collects 6.5 billion and renews the presidency

I dati e la nuova presidenza della pelletteria francese

Jean-Pierre Tolo, founder of Supercuir, which later became SIS group, is the new president of the Fédération Française de Maroquinerie (FFM). He will remain in office for 3 years.

French leather goods

Based on the data presented by FFM, the French sector is composed of 411 companies (of which 90% are SMEs), which employ 21,000 people and a turnover of 6.5 billion euros: “Companies in need of a federation dynamic to enhance them and promote their excellence” said Jean-Pierre Tolo, as reported by the French edition of Fashion Network.

The new president

Tolo founded Supercuir 36 years ago, a company specialising in watch straps. In 1998 Supercuir became SIS, a company that still operates in the world of high-end straps, but has expanded its production horizon to leather goods. The group employs 1,000 people in France, 400 in Madagascar and 300 in China. In 2017, the manager passed the torch in SIS, founding the support company for young entrepreneurs, Zebu Développement.


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