France: Sacar promises 200 new jobs right away and 500 more as soon as it is capable

France: Sacar promises 200 new jobs right away and 500 more as soon as it is capable

200 new jobs right away, of by 2023, and then a new large atelier where the number of workers could increase exponentially. Sacar Industrial Artisan is growing and taking advantage of the positive trend od the French leather goods’ segment. Yet, it shares the same problem of similar operators: difficulties in finding skilled labor. The Srobers-based company decided to entrust the training of future craftsmen to an external organization and the Pôle Emploi state agency. If all goes well, Sacar should hire more than 500 people over the next few years.

200 new jobs right away

“We will soon have 200 people in our current HQ and will invest, in 2023, in a new laboratory capable of hosting 500 to 600 workers”, explains Dylan Thonnerieux, Sacar’s head of HR to the local press. The French company already announced its hiring program on its social media channels. This enterprise needs to grow its size to respond to market demand. The company currently employs 180 people and will soon reach the 200-mark.

Next is a large laboratory

The new employees won’t be specialized, because the lack of skilled labor across the whole chain is a well-known problem shared across countries. Sacar has thus decided to use the support of an external agency and that of a state agency, Pôle Emploi, to train the newcomers. The entity has worked with the latter by organizing meetings with 50-70 people. Forecasts are much larger, as Sacar, via Thonnerieux, announced the upcoming set up and construction of a new laboratory. “It’s a project that will go on for years, but it’s doable”, explained the manager.

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