Australian meat industry aims to become “carbon neutral” by 2030

The whole Australian meat industry, from breeding farms to slaughterhouses, is involved in the project. Such accomplishment would place the industry “over and above” their various competitors. Furthermore, that might reassure clients with regard to product sustainability. MLA, the Australian association of livestock and farming industry, announce that they are planning to make the cluster completely “carbon neutral”, that is, with zero emissions, by 2030. Aiming to turn such plans into the implementation of process innovations and technological investments, MLA engaged CSIRO (the government agency for scientific research) and the Australian Ministry of Environment and Energy. According to the association, the livestock and farming industry, with 28 million cattle and 70 million sheep units, achieved some remarkable goals in the late past: “Red meat plants were representing, in 2005, 20 per cent of domestic emissions – pointed out Richard Norton, general manager at MLA -, while in 2015 emissions decreased to 13 per cent”.


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