Gavazzeni’s recovery and its goal for 2023

Gavazzeni’s recovery and its goal for 2023

The goal: 2 million euro. After the forced pause caused by Covid, Gavazzeni plans on returning to pre-pandemic levels this year (1.5 million euro) to then surpass 2 million in 2023. Created by Dora (company located in Cazzago San Martino Brescia and producing belts, handbags, and leather goods for fashion brands), was created in 2017. Everything they make is made in Italy and all with leather. At Pitti Uomo, we met Michele Lazzari, commercial director of Dora. The latter, founded in 1979 by Sergio Gavazzeni and his wife Katia Orlandini, and is now managed by the son Pietro (34 years old) and Elena (31 years old).



Gavazzeni’s recovery

Why was the brand Gavazzeni created?

To diversify revenue streams and not be so dependent on the contract-manufacturing activity we do for large brands. Working for brands and having our own is very advantageous because the condition creates profitable synergies. It’s a system that supports itself.

Even for creativity?

Surely. Inputs on fashion trends come from top fashion brands and they give us a push for our own research. For the creative side, we start first and foremost from the inputs coming from retail.

How did the first half of 2022 go and what are the forecasts?

We are satisfied. We are back to managing pre-Covid volumes, so we expect to close 2022 at 1.5 million euro for Gavazzeni, to then reach 2 million in 2023.

Markets, problems, strategies

What are the most promising markets?

Europe is our reference market. We hope the growth one can be the USA, where are starting to operate.

What’s the biggest problem you face today?

Delivery times for raw materials. More than prices. Prices can be somewhat managed with suppliers and clients. You can decide whether to increase your price tags or not. Delivery time cannot be impacted, which in terms affects production, creating delays and thus bringing repercussions on sales.

You showcased the Men’s collection at Pitti, but you also have a Women’s one, right?

Of course, the Men’s collection is gender fluid, with large bags, backpacks and fannie packs. We use a lot of tassels. Soft leather that is resistant and 100% Italian, all make distinctive elements of a strong and unique look. The fashion collection is decisively more feminine. Then we have our belts’ segment, which, as per usual, gives us great satisfaction.

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