Beyond sustainability: Consorzio al Vegetale’s Procedural Guidelines – Video

Beyond sustainability: Consorzio al Vegetale’s Dispositions – Video

20 tanneries “all operating in the Tuscan tanning district and joint through the production of the same product categories”. In other words: vegetable tanned hides. An historic green that, recently, had done an additional upgrading to build the Consorzio al Vegetale’s Procedural Guidelines  presented at Lineapelle 99 (22 – 24 February). A document that, thanks to the connected work of ICEC (Institute of Quality Certification for the Leather Sector), represents something that goes beyond sustainability.

Beyond sustainability

Presenting the new Procedural Guidelines (which updates the once released in 2010), as you can see in the video below, were Leonardo Volpi and Barbara Mannucci, respectively the president and director of the Tuscan Consortium. At their side, for the technical aspects, were Sabrina Frontini (director of ICEC) and moderator: Roberto Procaccini (Chief Editor of La Conceria). While it is a “serious” document, the Procedural Guidelines represent a shared tool that “includes all the Consortium’s associated entities”. A tool that details “the origin of raw hides and techniques of vegetable tanning. It explains the practices for manufacturing leather, the applicable environmental, social and safety laws and how the tanneries part of the Consortium apply them”. Requirements, the latter ones, “on which all associated entities are tested by ICEC (third party) to obtain a certificate for their practices”.



The video for this talk (and more)

Those that had the chance to be at Lineapelle 99 could see the presentation of the Dispositions live, in English as well. For all others, there’s the chance to rewatch the event in full by turning on UNIC’s Youtube channel, where all seminars held at the Green Theater are posted.

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