History and rebirth of Delafon Paris: focus on handbags, fine materials, and (more) affordable prices

Delafon Paris (ex leather goods’ manufacturer Delphine Delafon), looks for its comeback with the new collection signer Judith Fabre. The designer and founder, Delphine Delafon had put the company up to be liquidated in September of 2017: she hadn’t found enough funds to develop and commercialize her prêt-à-porter line, made after the leather goods. The brand was then bought by Judith Fabre, whom had entered the company as commercial director a few months ago. Fabre changed the name of the company to Delafon Paris, after the tribunal accepted an offer last November. Additionally, the focus of the brand was placed on the manufacturer’s more “iconic” products, leather goods, by Fabre. This past Monday the new handbag collection, designed by an all-female team, was launched. There are two models, made with fine leather and hand-sewn, made in 14 different types. “We researched materials to improve quality and decrease price”, confirms Judith Fabre. A revisited version of the most iconic handbag by Delphine Delafon is also going to be put on the market. The handbag is similar to a small bucket, made with hand-painted python leather.


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