Lineapelle and young designers: from suppliers to enlightenment. New brands: IURI, Avanblanc and Francesca Bellavita

“At Lineapelle I have always found, pretty easily, all suppliers I was seeking for my bags, with regard to accessories, prints and skins”, says Jure Stropnik, Slovenian designer, who created in Milan his own accessory brand, IURI: ”At the fair you may come across valuable manufacturers. Last year offers were very good, both in terms of quality and price”, he adds. ”When it comes to my footwear I am looking for contrast – points out Francesca Bellavita, designer of her own luxury footwear brand -. I want to create something unique matching discrepant fabrics and materials, such as snake skin and plexiglass heels, opaque reptile skin and polish varnish”. Despite the fact that the young fashion brand has created only two collections so far, it is by now very popular in the fashion system. “I keep carrying out new research browsing in the Internet, trade journals and newspapers; still participating in the fair and touching materials, live, is essential -adds Francesca Bellavita. Trends are very important at Lineapelle. I see them first, in order to adapt them to my collections then”. Likewise trends are closely observed by Francesca Calistri, fashion designer and founder of  Avanblanc leather goods brand:” I can’t miss Lineapelle, a fixed date for years. It offers designers a quick overview of new trends; as well we may get a good opportunity to meet new suppliers and compare them. All in one space, thus saving our time considerably. Not too bad at all.”


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