Leather in, fabrics out: French leather goods manufacturer comes to the rescue

Via i tessuti, dentro la pelle: salvataggio pellettiero in Francia

Leather in, fabrics out. The story takes place in Saint-Just-Malmont, a small municipality situated in the High Loire region, in France. Here Les Ateliers du Meygal, leather goods manufacturer, are supposedly about to take over the Cheynet et Fils industrial area (15,200 square metres), which used to produce spun yarns. Allegedly, the deal value amounts to 1 million euros. They might expectedly hire 200 employees in the next future.

The story

Cheynet et Fils, specialized in the manufacturing of spun yarns for (especially) sportswear and technical apparel, shut down last March. In September, they sold at auction (in two rounds) machinery, tools, furnishings and all of the materials stored in the plant. Yet, the borough council wanted to revive the factory and make it run again. In fact, some of the workers, formerly employed in the textile company, managed to find a new job. Many others did not though. No wonder they were waiting for someone to come to their “rescue”.

Rescuing bags

Rescue has eventually come, apparently. Its name is Les Ateliers du Meygal, a contracting company that serves a few luxury fashion brands (including Louis Vuitton, among others). They also run internally some professional training courses. As reported by lacommere43.fr portal, President Frédéric Girodet, who is also the mayor of Saint-Just-Malmont, asked the municipality council to meet and discuss, during the meeting, the coming of the new ownership. For the records, the Municipality is actually the current owner of the plant: they spent 1.5 million euros to purchase it. Subsequently, they spent 300,000 euros more to carry out a number of structural adaptation interventions.

In the pictures, some screenshots taken from lacommere43.fr portal

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