Hermés acquires accessories manufacturer J3L, while Bali Berret leaves

Hermés acquires accessories manufacturer J3L, while Bali Berret leaves her post

There is movement inside Hermès. On one side the French brand is strengthening its direct control of the supply chain, while on the other it finds itself managing a difficult departure. Bali Barret, creative director of the Women division (footwear and leather goods included), decided to leave. The brand got the go-ahead from Autorité de la Concurrence to buy accessories manufacturer J3L Group, which makes high-end metal parts for handbags, cases, wallets and shoes.

Hermès acquires accessories manufacturer J3L

J3L has been one of Hermès’ suppliers for many years. The French brand has acquired 30% of the capital of the accessories’ manufacturer in 2013. For example, the metal lock on the Kelly handbag (as shown in picture by hermes.com).

The acquisition, points out Fashion Network, is part of a specific strategy that Hermès is implementing: strengthening its direct control of the supply and production chains.

Further proof of this is the fact that the French luxury brand has, in the last two years, opened a series of leather goods’ laboratories and hired about 2,000 artisans.

Bali Barret leaves her post

Even with the closing of this financial operation, Hermès finds itself to having to deal with the replacement of Bali Barret, who decided to leave her post. According to WWD, she will leave this coming fall.

While Barret is “unknownto most of the public and only really in touch with few operators, Barret is responsible for the products that generate the majority of the brand’s revenue. The designer started with Hermès in 2003 and contributed to its growth with fresh ideas and new collections. Hermès confirmed the departure.

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