Loewe’s Surplus Project makes even excess leather into luxury

Loewe’s Surplus Project makes even excess leather into luxury

Excess leather? It becomes luxury thanks to Loewe. Spanish Surplus Proejct is focusing its effort on reusing little cuts of leather. An initiative that was undertaken on a large scale and that follows similar other projects for environmental sustainability.

Excess leather

Designer Jonathan Anderson went back and did more thinking on its iconic basket-handbag. The model, which was launched in the Spring/Summer 2015 collection, became a must-have and now Loewe is making it with very high-quality leather as a part of the Surplus Project. The initiative is focused on sustainability, a matter over whish the Spanish company has been working for a long time. And so, it’s fitting that leather, with its excellent circularity, is the right material for the job. Loewe’s craftsmen use little cuts of smooth, soft-grained calf skin to make the handbags, as they are offered in 6 versions and various pastel colors. The collection also includes an elegant necklace.

Pictures taken from L’Officiel

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