Mulberry turns 50, and celebrates with the Icon Editions capsule

Mulberry turns 50, and celebrates with the Icon Editions capsule

Mulberry turns 50. The brand, founded in 1971 by English businessman Roger Saul, celebrates with the launch of the colourful Icon Editions collection. Mulberry Pink stands out in the range of colours, ready to be the dominant figure for the new course of the mulberry tree brand.

The dimensions

However, the shapes of these very large bags change, taking inspiration from the objects used in the English countryside. The 2021 collection includes the creation of Iris, Amberley, Bayswater, Bayswater Tote, Alexa, bags that have marked these 50 years of Mulberry, all in miniature. Icon Editions bags will be available in Mulberry stores and on, with prices ranging from 495 to 1,050 British pounds. The bags in the collection are made with the typical sustainable Mulberry leather, a heavy grain leather from accredited and sustainable tanneries. They are available in the colours: Pale Slate, Chalk, Oak, Deep Amber and Mulberry Green.

Mulberry turns 50

Mulberry still has its factory in Somerset today, called The Rookery, but produces in different corners of the world. This anniversary can also be an opportunity to relaunch after the phase of instability experienced at the end of 2020, when there was fear for an acquisition by the Fraser Group, the same of the British department store House of Fraser. A climb blocked at 37%, because the shareholder with the majority shares remains the Chinese Challice Limited.

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