On to the next one: Hermès invests in the third factory in Normandy

Nuova fabbrica di pelletteria per Hermès

New step forward for the third Hermès production plant in Normandy. In recent days, according to reports from paris-normandie.fr, the Eure Department Council unanimously approved the sale of former Cinram factory to the brand.

From DVDs to leather goods

The site was owned by Cinram who produced CDs and DVDs in the plant. After a troubled period that led to the closure of the company, the factory has remained inactive for a long time. Soon the 41,000 square meter plant will return to production thanks to Hermès, which would have acquired the site for 1.6 million euros (including taxes). A local controversy has been triggered on the “price”. Some administrators would have hoped for a higher price. The chairman of the Department Council, Bernard Leroy, explained that “no gift was given”. Simply, the area was sold for the price settled.


Indeed, the transaction can be considered as an investment for both parties. For Hermès, who got his hands on a cheap production site. For the territory, which will benefit from the brand’s structural, productive and employment investments. In fact, Hermès expects to hire 250 people within two or three years. The development of the Norman factory is part of the brand’s long structural project, which is significantly expanding its production capacity in France. In the last weeks, Hermès has begun the construction of a new factory dedicated to leather goods in Montereau-Fault-Yonne (Senna and Marne). It will occupy an area of ​​approximately 6,700 square meters.

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