Farewell to Kansai Yamamoto (76): he brought Japan to Lineapelle

Farewell to Kansai Yamamoto (76): he brought Japan to Lineapelle

He died on July 21, 2020. But his family members have decided to report it only on Monday. The fashion world, but not only, says farewell to Kansai Yamamoto. A pioneer of Japanese fashion.

As well as the first Japanese designer to present a collection in London in 1971. Yamamoto passed away at the age of 76 due to leukaemia. In October 2019, he was the protagonist of a very special event at Lineapelle.

Farewell to Kansai Yamamoto

To report the death of Kansai Yamamoto was his daughter Mirai. She did it on Monday with an Instagram post. “My father left this world in peace, surrounded by loved ones. In my eyes, he was not only the eclectic and energetic soul that the world knew, but also a caring, kind and affectionate person.

He has flooded me with love all my life. Also taught me to persist after the failures, and never to let go of a positive and forward-looking mentality. He considered challenges as opportunities for self-development, and always believed in the brightest days ahead”.

His presence at Lineapelle

In October 2019, Kansai Yamamoto was a guest at Lineapelle. Here, he was the protagonist of the event “Kansai Yamamoto, past and future of a leading designer”. The occasion gave space to telling the story of a designer considered very influential by professionals. To the point that many believe that “his aesthetic influenced fashion designers such as Riccardo Tisci, Alessandro Michele, Nicolas Ghesquière”.

Yamamoto, among other things, is known being the one behind some stage clothes for David Bowie on the Ziggy Stardust tour dated 1972. Kansai Yamamoto also brought Leather Hanten‘s Japan to Lineapelle.

In other words, 50 evocative “naga-hanten” (the typical clothes worn by Fire Brigade in Edo, ancient Tokyo), in leather, which Yamamoto reread chromatically, entrusting them (under his supervision) to the students of the Fuji Elementary School of Asakusa in Tokyo. The project was born to celebrate 100 years of Tokyo Leather Fair.

In the pictures: top left, Kansai Yamamoto together with Fulvia Bacchi, CEO of Lineapelle, during the October 2019 edition of the fair; bottom left: David Bowie wears a suit created by Yamamoto; in the center: the Leather Hanten; on the right Kansai Yamamoto

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