ShoePeaks: the sculptural Louboutin bag that celebrates its shoes and TV-series Twin Peaks is Made In Italy

It is produced in Italy, like the shoes, the latest whimsical handbag by designer Christian Louboutin on sale next spring. It has a particular affinity with the background of the designer footwear: it recalls one of its most significant models, the stiletto So Kate. It’s called ShoePeaks in “honour” of the David Lynch television series, Twin Peaks, and it expresses a surrealist-inspired design by overlapping the silhouettes of two shoes. It is available in black and gold and it has a creative story to tell. Designed in Paris with a prototype carved in wood, it then arrives in the Italian factory that works for Louboutin where it becomes a hand carved mould. It’s finally reworked so painstaking to creating a bag that looks like “a sculptural object.” To achieve it, the factory needs to use a very light aluminium that, as some specialised blogs report “create a smoothness of the patent leather so bright to create visual reflexes and alterations”. Finally, they are sealed onto the two sides by Louboutin’s signature red soles “in order to hide the boundary line between the shoe and the bag”. The suggested retail price is $ 3,500.


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