Who is afraid of Brexit? Italian leather is the only remedy, claim Troubadour English leather goods manufacturers

“Brexit? We do not know what’s going to happen, but we are absolutely sure that our work requires quality”. And “such quality belongs to Italian leather”, which has been selected by Canadian Samuel Bail and American Abel Samet: they have made this choice after carrying out a long research, for 18 months, commissioned by Troubadour, a British brand dedicated to leather bags and goods manufacturing. “We exclusively use leather coming from Italy, vegetable tanned and waterproof finished”. Why? “Because it is perfect to make our dreams come true, it’s durable and high quality”, point out the founders of the company. Owing to Brexit, British pound has already undergone a serious devaluation, which subsequently led to the increase in costs of imports from Italy. “Well, price is important, though we think that Italian leather quality is higher and more remarkable”, immediately reply the young entrepreneurs, who created their own brand 7 years ago. Their products are hand-made, and they are supposed to last for many years. They are on sale along with a five-year warranty. “And we are going to repair it forever (if that’s feasible)”, wrap up the two founders, who manufacture in Europe and Asia.


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