Chimont’s vision of the future and LEM: two events at Lineapelle

Due eventi tecnofashion a Lineapelle 97

Fashion is not just a matter of creative inspiration. Now, more than ever, it engages technology and makes use of it to meet its requirements. We are talking about industry engineering research: dreaming industrial entrepreneurs tell about handling, experimentation and creativity. This is “real” innovation, variously spotlighted, as usual, at Lineapelle 97.

New processes

Today (Thursday 3rd October), at 12.30pm, at the Fashion Theatre (hall 13), Remo Petroselli, Chimont Group general manager, will give a speech, focusing on new sustainable finishing processes. During the meeting, they will present two of the most innovative technological processes, applied to tanning and finishing. It is going to be the first preview for one of them. The event will come after a workshop, scheduled at 11am, led by LEM Industries. They are a state-of-the-art company specialized in metal galvanic processing: they will provide a fully detailed explanation about the advantages coming from PVD technology.



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