Imagination & Re-Wonder: Lineapelle’s style challenge

Imagination & Re-Wonder: Lineapelle’s style challenge

Looking ahead to Winter 22/23, Lineapelle is about to launch a creative revamping project and take on a style challenge recapped in the name of the style trends designed by its own Fashion Committee: “Imagination & Re-Wonder”. In other words, as pointed out by Lineapelle, “it is time, then, to find the wonder again, therefore being driven by imagination and innovative experimentation”.

Lineapelle’s style challenge

Lineapelle’s style challenge, consequently, results in “searching for positive attitudes to tackle naturalness and technology, reassuring shades and materials that can feasibly express their innovation drive. Starting from leather and its unlimited development, combination, and experimentation options”. The wonder of naturalness goes hand in hand with the power of innovation, to express and put forth something necessary while facing post-Covid prudential recovery.

The sense of colours

As regards colours, they are working on matching shades to create “correspondences and dissonances”. They arise from bright ideas deriving “both from the physical world and the digital one”. Such shades, shown fearlessly, seek out “warm and autumnal” pairings, “colorful with style, and aim for bold color dissonances that are contemporary and expressive.”

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