Trend, Lineapelle96 colors: for summer 2020 tones will be emotional and trans-seasonal

Emotion and irrationality will drive the color trends for the upcoming summer season. According to the indications presented by the Lineapelle Fashion Committee for summer 2020 we will have to expect “almost irrational, emotional colors, going beyond the boundaries of targets and seasonality and, being guided by pure emotion, act as a filter between the real world and the simulated world, composing unusual harmonies”. Therefore, the canons that so far have characterized (too much) cold and warm colors according to the fashion seasons are questioned entirely. This is, for Lineapelle, the chromatic variation of the Co-Natural concept, that highlights all the frontiers between human factor, nature and technology, creating a symbiosis that generates new combinations, and new overlaps that mix the shades in unexpected ways. In conclusion: a summer during which we will see all the colors.


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