At ICDA Member’s Meeting UNIC meets again chromium manufacturers to set cooperation and synergies

Readiness to liaise and mutually collaborate, with regard to market trends and provisions, looking at communication as well. UNIC (Italian Tanners Association) headed for Paris to participate in the Member’s Meeting (which took place on April 24-26) promoted by ICDA, International Chromium Development Association. Since 1984, ICDA, a worldwide organization, have been “representing, supporting and protecting the chromium industry”. It was important to be there, for Italian tanners, for various reasons. First, they showed up again after their participation in the meeting held last year in Astana, Kazakhstan. Secondly, they had a chance to reaffirm, in front of a business strongly focused on the metallurgic production (in fact, 90% of the mineral is currently employed in the metallurgic industry, with special regard to steel), the paramount importance of leather in the so-called (by ICDA) “other key applications”, aiming to spot reliable points of convergence between leather and chromium. Such strategic cooperation is particularly relevant in terms of communication, since chromium needs a new, different social appearance, to erase hazardous commonplaces that may heavily affect relationships with customers.


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