Karl Lagerfeld turns to fur free: the Kaiser was in favour of fur though

Ora Karl Lagerfeld è fur free: ma il Kaiser difendeva la pelliccia

Rien ne va plus. Even Karl Lagerfeld is now turning to fur free. In fact, the brand, which holds the name of the cult fashion designer, formally pledged to give up the use of furs. PETA have announced it online. For the records, PETA are the ones who harshly criticized, for years and years, the Kaiser’s events and fashion shows; they even depicted him as an allegory of death. Talking about furs and animal welfare, Lagerfeld well knew what he wanted.

Karl Lagerfeld is fur free (can you believe it?)

Let us start by saying that Lagerfeld, over his long-lasting career, created his own fashion brand and used to sign CHANEL’s collections. On top of that, he was in charge of Fendi for several years. As is generally known, Fendi recalls fur. It was not just a matter of taste and style though. In fact, Kaiser Karl was a supporter of materials right from a cultural point of view. He was aware, of course, of pressure put on fashion. Yet, he was strong enough to stand up to it.

Karl dixit

There is no room for misunderstanding. Undoubtedly, Karl Lagerfeld had a clear idea on the topic. “Right because other players are getting far away from fur – he used to point out in 2018 – we warmly welcome it. More importantly, we had better run away from fake furs, which are highly polluting”. What was his opinion about animal-rights activists’ pressure and influences, as well as vegan events and social campaigns? “I do not like these vegans blowing apart butcher shops. For the time being, butchers are not out of law yet: attacking them is therefore kind of fascism, and I firmly stand up against any sort of fascism”. For sure, the current managers of the brand will have thought over such decision while liaising with their marketing department. Yet, in doing so, they are not going to embody the heritage of the brand’s founder authentically.

Picture taken from PETA

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