Chanel also infuriate French fur federation, who accuse the brand of “self-righteous marketing”

The French Fur Federation (FFMF) has been coping with several blows over the recent years. In autumn 2017, they were hit by Gucci (although the brand is not French, it is controlled by French Kering, headquartered in Paris); more recently, they were softly damaged, so to speak, by Jean-Paul Gaultier. And now Chanel too, as the brand is seemingly about to turn to fur-free production: this is far too much. That is why Pierre-Philippe Frieh, spokesperson of FFMF, while speaking to Le Monde, decided to stand up against the “hypocrisy” of some brands and their creative directors, accused of “making marketing decisions, in the name of ethical principles”, which just wink at “mainstream” campaigns for animals’ safeguard. Moving on to the issues pointed out by Pavloski, Frieh has confirmed that livestock conditions, as to breeding and slaughtering, are rather strict in Europe, however very far from the ones depicted in China by a few “journalistic surveys”. The spokesperson of FFMF remarked that, despite everything, the fur business is running soundly thanks to “Chinese, Korean and Asian customers”; moreover, he stressed the fact that fur is a “noble and long-lasting material” whose environmental impact is softer “compared to synthetic alternative options”. Furthermore, Frieh made clear that fur is fed up with being affected by the fake news of its detractors; they are now ready to stand up and take legal action against their potential slanderers.


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