Chiuri explains Dior lockdown: online meetings, dubious scenarios

Chiuri spiega il lockdown di Dior: riunioni online, scenari dubbi

The staff works from home. Everyone: from the top of the style office, to the employees of the ateliers. Meetings take place in a digital environment and have a certain effectiveness. But there is a lack of prolificacy in personal encounters. Here’s how Dior lockdown goes. Coronavirus disrupts LVMH brand’s way of working. Maria Grazia Chiuri (in the box, Imagoeconomica photo), the designer who has been guiding the brand’s design since 2016, explain it to Fashion Network.

The lockdown of Dior

“Technology helps us stay connected: we hold meetings every day on FaceTime and on the phone. The staff of Paris atelier works from home – she says – and keeps us updated with photos and videos”. Does it work? In part, yes. “My team is doing well, and I would say that confinement at home triggered its creativity even more – she replies -. I speak to them regularly and feel an unprecedented force. Creativity is a safe space where you can find a refuge from the world”. But can it be enough? Maybe not, we miss the life of before. “Of course, sometimes it’s a challenge, because I find that the best ideas often derive from conversations between people in the same room – continues Chiuri -, but now we have to adapt to a temporary situation”.

What about the future?

A temporary situation, of course. But what will the competitive scenario of luxury look like after the end of Covid-19? “I don’t think anyone is able to say it now – is Chiuri’s opinion -. The whole world will have to adapt to new routines, including fashion. It is really hard to predict how things will change. I am focusing primarily on the present. I don’t think it’s wise to try to predict the future – she concludes -. We will have to take countermeasures and we must be ready to make those changes ours”.


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