Church’s relies on leather for the brand’s future, while saying no to “sneaker obsession” and yes to artisan tradition

Anthony Romano, chief executive officer of Church’s, is planning to develop the brand’s business along two directions. In general terms, on the one hand the identity of the brand will be safeguarded; yet, on the other hand, they will not plainly tweak their design. More specifically, they will comply with an elegant and simple style to stand up to the so-called “market sneaker obsession”, as remarked by Romano: hence, no training shoes, no nylon sacks, no wink at the streetwear style, which is getting overwhelmingly popular among the luxury fashion players. The CEO of Church’s (Prada group) pointed that out in London, while presenting the brand’s St. James product line, a new collection that looks at accessories (such as laptop handbags, bags, rucksacks) and confirms the power of the brand as to supply variety. Moreover, the St. James product line shows a massive use of leather. It is no coincidence that leather is a distinguishing feature of Church’s brand and manufacturing. “Artisans currently employed in Northampton have been working for Church’s since they were very young, for decades – emphasized Romano while speaking to the Corriere Della Sera –. They have been doing that job for ages: for most of them that’s the only job they ever did, and they are going to do it till they retire. The older they get, the more skilled they turn: at this point, they are ready to teach young employees who are joining the company now”. In other words, such heritage cannot be spoilt while running after the latest fashion trends: “Church’s artisans are a priceless asset – wraps up Romano –: many of them work with us after their father, their mother, their grandparents. Not many companies can rely on such human resources, can’t they? This is my personal responsibility: to convey such precious expertise to the future”.


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