Dior raised handbags’ prices (twice in Europe)

Dior raised handbags’ prices (twice in Europe)

Dior raised handbags’ prices all over the globe on July 5th. The increment (percentage-based) varies from country to country, depending on local market conditions and exchange rates. It also depends on the product. This is the second time since January 1st of this year that Dior has increased the price tags in Europe.

From 2% to 17%

Dior raised handbags’ prices depending on the model, with some increasing just 2% and others by a staggering +17% in some countries. Website Pursebop details all the local increments for the iconic Lady Dior handbags in its small format. In the USA the price went up 6%, +10% in Europe and 14% in the UK, with Singapore receiving a 17% increase.

The increase in the USA

Taking in exam the Lady Dior model in the USA, the “mini” model’s price tag went up 4%, from 5,300 to 5,500 USD. The “small” increased 9%, from 5,500to 6,000 USD. The “medium” nearly 7%, and it’s now 6,500 USD, while the large one now costs 7,000 USD (+8%). Another handbag that went up in price, always in the USA, is the Saddle model, which now costs 4,400 USD (up 5% from the previous 4,200).

Second increment in Europe

Dior had raised prices in Europe at the start of 2023. Taking the Lady Dior and Saddle handbags as reference, the increment equaled between +4% and +7%. The one on July 5th is the second increase in about 6 months. We wonder whether we will see other luxury brands following Dior’s choice and raising prices once again in the second half of 2023.

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