Dior’s dominance and Gucci’s leap according to Launchmetrics

Dior's dominance and Gucci's leap according to Launchmetrics

Dior‘s dominance means that the brand is once again at the top of Launchmetrics’ quarterly (April-June) ranking. The consultancy compiles its ranking based on Media Impact Value (MIV), a tool that measures the media impact of brands. The battle raged in China, a key market for the luxury sector, where Gucci made a significant leap forward. This result enabled the Italian brand, along with Chanel, to challenge Dior’s global leadership more closely.

Dior’s dominance

Launchmetrics assigns a monetary amount to each post, interaction and article in order to measure and compare the value of the brands’ marketing activities. In the April-June 2021 quarter, Dior leads in Europe and the United States. Most influential in the global ranking, however, was the buoyant Chinese market, where Dior saw a 24% increase in MIV. But there were those who did much better.

Gucci’s leap

Gucci, for example, saw its MIV rise 34.6% to third place on the China list. In second place, notes Fashion Network, was Chanel, which enjoyed a 28% increase. Behind Louis Vuitton (fourth place) came Hermès, thanks to a 33.5% jump in its MIV. Also of note were the performances of Loewe (+33.4%) and Fendi (+22.8%). The latter benefited from Hong Kong rapper Jackson Wang’s post, which generated $997,000 in MIV, the highest value for China. In Europe, Chanel and Gucci are behind Dior. In the United States, the positions swapped with Gucci losing its lead to Dior and slipping to second place, ahead of Chanel.

The Italians

Among the Italian brands, Giorgio Armani‘s performance was outstanding, taking fifth place in Europe, overtaking Prada. The brand led by Patrizio Bertelli and Miuccia Prada suffered one of the biggest declines in Europe (-25.6%). Versace (fifth in the US ahead of Armani) benefited from the best social post in the US: that of singer Dua Lipa, which generated 1.22 million in MIV. In Europe, the post with the highest MIV value was that of Spanish actress Ester Expósito for Tom Ford (MIV value: 1.29 million).

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