Distance, margins and speed: Givenchy and Hilfiger explain why digital is a resource for luxury

When talking about e-commerce, we often assume that it is a channel useful for discounts, business, made for the aspirational client and therefore with a low marginality for the high-fashion segment. Wrong. “Our customers are connected 24/7 with a strong presence on social networks – explains to MFF Philippe Fortunato, CEO at Givenchy -. Usually we think e-commerce works only with entry price products, but in reality there are very sophisticated consumers living in cities where there are no stores or that do not want to go to the store”. A public that it is now possible to reach with innovative formulas and ways. A truly American, Tommy Hilfiger also thinks it is a pragmatism matter: “Fast connections, millions of smartphones and influencers have completely changed the way of reasoning, designing and producing clothes – he explains to L’Economia -. Today we listen in real time what people want and we give it to them immediately “. Therefore digital is not a choice, but a duty for brands: “Fashion and technology must work together – he concludes -. The future will not wait”.


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