EU blow to Gucci: Guess didn’t steal its logo, now the Florentine label has to pay legal fees

In 2009, Gucci won the first round in New York, when the court in the Big Apple decided in favour of the Florentine brand that the Guess brand had violated its logo, creating confusion for consumers due to the similarity between the two Gs. the same Court ordered the US brand to pay its Tuscan competitor $450,000 in compensation. On the strength of its success in New York, Gucci filed the same lawsuit in Italy, Australia, China and France, as well as at the European Union intellectual property office. But last week, the Kering group brand received a blow from the EU authorities: the Third Court of the European Court of Justice issued a verdict which allows Guess to register its trademark, rejecting the case put forward by Gucci. The Luxembourg-based court believes that the design and intersection of the elements in the logos are different. Gucci will now also have to pay the legal fees incurred by Guess.


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