From Epilogue to Overture, Gucci changes everything (again)

From Epilogue to Overture, Gucci changes everything (again)

They had pledged that. They did it that way. Gucci moves on from Epilogue to Overture and places a new presentation code for its own collections. While distancing themselves (for the time being, at least) from fashion industry traditional advertising patterns, the fashion brand has launched the Overture of Something That Never Ended. In other words, its new collection (which comes after the one called, in fact, Epilogue), which they are going to tell through a mini-series made of 7 parts.

From Epilogue to Overture

The Overture of Something That Never Ended will play a leading role at the GucciFest, a fashion and digital cinema festival, scheduled on 16-22 November 2020. The 7 parts will be overseen by director Gus Van Sant together with Alessandro Michele, who is the creative director of the fashion house. Performer Silvia Calderoni will be the star of the event. Several special guests will show up: among others, Paul B. Preciado, Achille Bonito Oliva, Billie Eilish, Darius Khonsary, Lu Han, Jeremy O. Harris, Ariana Papademetropoulos, Arlo Parks, Harry Styles, Sasha Waltz and Florence Welch.

A social broadcasting

Gucci has announced that “the seven parts of the collection-story will be broadcast daily during the festival”. Where? Exclusively on YouTube Fashion, Weibo, Gucci YouTube and web portal. Therefore, they will unveil the Overture of Something That Never Ended collection step by step, day after day.


In the plot of Gucci’s so-called “original journey”, according to the definition given by Alessandro Michele, a few emerging talents are going to stand out as well. Gucci is going to provide them (once more through a “movie storyline”) with the opportunity to present their own collections. They are Ahluwalia, Shanel Campbell, Stefan Cooke, Cormio, Charles De Vilmorin, JordanLuca, Mowalola, Yueqi Qi, Rave Review, Gui Rosa, Rui, Bianca Saunders, Collina Strada, Boramy Viguier and Gareth Wrighton.

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