Gucci breaks the silence: we will meet twice a year, with no seasons

Gucci breaks the silence: we will meet twice a year, with no seasons

Gucci breaks the silence and launches a real blow to fashion shows and seasons. “I will abandon the jaded ritual of seasonality and fashion shows to regain possession of a new scan of time, closer with my expressive need. We will meet twice a year”. These are the thoughts and words that designer Alessandro Michele wrote down in his Notes from Silence (pictured), posted by Gucci on Instagram in the night between Saturday May 23 and Sunday May 24. For the brand led by Marco Bizzarri it is a true (r)evolution.

Gucci breaks the silence

Distorted by Covid-19, many brands and as many creatives are expressing the need to change the dynamics of the Fashion and Luxury System. Objective: to slow them down. First of all, Giorgio Armani. Among the many who expressed their opinion on the subject, Gucci was missing. And just at the moment when, perhaps, its silence was becoming all too significant, here is the announcement. Strictly social. Gucci breaks the silence and takes a decisive step if you want.

A step that Michele explains as follows: “I would like to abandon the paraphernalia of acronyms that colonised our world: cruise, pre-fall, spring-summer, fall-winter. They seem to me stale and undernourished words. Initials of an impersonal talk, the meaning of which we have lost. Containers that have gradually detached themselves from the life that generated them, losing adherence with reality”.

See you twice a year, with no seasons

Gucci will exhibit its creative path twice a year, with no seasonality, with no genres and with no fashion shows. How then? By setting up more creative events where music will be the protagonist. “From time to time, therefore, symphonies, rhapsodies, madrigals, nocturnes, overtures, concerts and minuets will dot my creative path” writes the creative director of Gucci. Rethinking the fashion system? Gucci did it and wrote it. What will be the reaction of the other brands? What about the market?

The next Epilogue

Michele, in a video press conference held on Monday May 25, revealed some details of the new Gucci course. For example, the next collection will be called Epilogue and will be presented during the digital fashion week in Milan, on July 17th. A name that is not at all random, given that Michele also announced that Gucci will not participate in the following Milan fashion week in September. “I doubt that releasing a new collection every two months implies a reasonable way of working. By September, in fact, there would have been no time to develop the collection”.

Gucci’s turning point

“I would like all the products – Michele explained – to be immediately available in the shops after each show and to stay there longer. I am already thinking about using some of this season’s garments in the next one”. The designer explains how his must not be seen as a sort of secession from other calendars.In other words, “it is a declaration of intent to slow down. Let’s do them later. For example: it will also help smaller brands who will no longer be crushed by these races”.

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