Hermès do well in 2018 first quarter: sales reach 1,39 billion euros, while Leather Goods division goes up by 8%

Figure trends are not so outstandingly good as the ones of other French brands, but they are remarkable anyway. In fact, in 2018 early months Hermès’s sales increased by 3,1% (+11% at fixed rates of exchange), therefore leading the overall turnover up to 1,39 billion euros. Thanks to such revenues, the group’s performance went beyond the analysts’ expectations. Business trends are positive for all markets (especially China) and all commodity sectors as well: in particular, Leather Goods and Saddlery division has been increasing by 8%. While talking to the press, Hermès, whose mid-term “goals” are said to be “challenging”, pointed out that “business balanced growth is good since it is driven by sales in the group’s stores”. The bad news, in contrast, derives from currency instability, which caused the brand to lose 104 million euros with regard to sales.


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