Manhattan crowns Lineapelle, as US market meets complexity

Ultimo giorno di Linepelle New York

Business is not facing easy times: everyone is aware of that. Things are changing: everybody knows about it. Most of all, such delicate phase requires, at the same time, close attention. Furthermore, players must be willing to invest strategic assets especially, not only in products, but also in a number of factors that make them modern and competitive. If they want to hold a firm position in such a complicated market, they must achieve this key accomplishment, in terms of balance. Lineapelle New York, which concluded yesterday, at the Metropolitan Pavilion, fully confirmed the current trend to 131 exhibitors, who showed up at the fair event. Although the trade war between the USA and China is (heavily) affecting the business trend, LPNY successfully managed to send a few comforting messages in the landscape, opening to optimism to some extent.

Innovation, a global frontier

“Flexible product supply and price ranges compliant with an affordable market segment, which must be our playground. We cannot make our profit margins smaller; most of all, we cannot afford to become less competitive”. A US buyer, who came by at LPNY, pointed that out. He also stressed the fact that the overall market must find and pinpoint mostly innovative solutions. Finally yet importantly, innovation must apply to all aspects: process, product, style and sustainability.

Leather goods, a solid landmark

Jacques Krees, export sales manager of French Tanneries Haas, remarked that US market still pays too much attention to prices. Consequently, he said, perhaps it is not ready to high-end collections yet: “Talking about our hides, LPNY is an exploratory event. It gives us the opportunity to look for customers to whom we have to illustrate the value of our manufacturing”. Yet, confessed Krees, it is not that easy. He cleared up: “Our business target is leather goods: with regard to luxury, demand for such product segment will supposedly keep up, therefore confirming its current reliability”.

Sustainability, a breeding ground     

“Everybody is talking about sustainability. Yet, in general, I do not see any long-term plans. We are actually working on that to develop a number of projects, focusing, in particular, on process innovation”, said Gianfranco Dalle Mese, from Montebello tannery. “At this point, everyone has to understand the circular features of our product. We cannot take it for granted anymore. We must strive hard to transform the leather tanning industry, to help people understand it is not a dump, but a mine”. Hence circularity: “Our industry is able to process our scraps and turn them into a valuable resource”. Viola Dalle Mese believes they can achieve such accomplishment: “Today, more than ever, we may take advantage of a breeding moment to talk to new generations and let them know about these topical aspects: they will be all ears”.

Lineapelle New York, next schedule in January

Lineapelle New York next edition will take place on 29-30 January 2020. Same venue: the Metropolitan Pavilion, Manhattan, NY.



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