Hermés doesn’t quit (for now) fur and explains that to avoid the destruction of the unsold products the “artisanal model” must be used

“We have a small-time role”. As to say that “we aren’t the ones that can make the difference on the matter”, answered Axel Dumas, ceo of Hermés, to the ones asking him what his brand’s plans were with regards to using fur: does he want to follow Burberry’s recent choice? Les Echoes, recalling the statement, interprets it as a tactic to buy some time, for someone that hasn’t made up his mind yet: we at La Conceria, dare to say that it sounds more like a statement meant to get out of the question and, at least for now, leave the problem far away. Dumas’ statement comes after the presentation of the brand’s 6-months performance, anticipated in July. The occasion called for the ceo’s answer on a topic on which Burberry had touched upon earlier: the matter of unsold products. Dumas admitted that “yes, there may be stock that is destroyed: but the volume is very small”. There are alternative instruments to the incinerating of the goods (sales, utilization in projects such as Petit H), but the key matter is the process: “One must not confuse an industrial production model with our model, which is artisanal and attentive to the costs of materials and of the façon”.


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