If leather is the star: Berluti creates a very special collection for Sotheby’s (that includes a Porche 911)

Fourteen exclusive pieces. And leather as the absolute star. In the spotlight, the collection developed by Berluti for Sotheby’s in view of an exceptional online sale entitled “Berluti: the art of craftmanship”, born precisely from the idea of celebrating the craftsmanship of the LVMH group brand’s craftsmen. There are featured: a leather backpack combined with a pair of dumbbells for physical exercise; a beach set consisting of a terry towel, a bowls container and a duffel bag; a soccer set made up of a backpack, sneakers and a ball; a free time set consisting of sneakers, a duffel bag and a football table; a BMX with leather saddle and inserts; a set for music lovers consisting of an amplifier, an electric guitar, black leather case and ankle boot; a watch case in wood covered in leather and four wrist chronographs; a set for domestic relax consisting of a leather armchair, slippers, a cigar box; a Triumph motorcycle with an helmet and ankle boots (from the exclusive Berluti collection). And it does not end here. The most sought-after piece is a Porsche 911. The vintage car is embellished with Berluti interiors “in patinated leather: from seats to door panels, from the gear knob to the pavilions” to which is accompanied a line of travel accessories (a duffel bag and riding shoes). Estimated value (of the car only): between 175,000 and 225,000 euros, but offers have already reached 240,000 euros today. And there are still five days to go before the auction closes.

Image from sothebys.com


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