Loro Piana, Winter clothing no longer perform as well, but shoes perform the opposite: next step consist in developing its leather goods department

More seasons, more accessories. Loro Piana’s parable can be summarized as follows: positioning itself as a very high-end brand supplying winter clothes allowed the brand to assert its status within the fashion system. Now that the brand (80% of which is owned by LVMH), has more universal goals, product and marketing strategies have become a necessity. These topics were discussed by Fabio D’Angelantonio with the Financial Times: “In truth we already are a brand for all seasons. We have been offering summer clothes to our clients for a few years now – he states -. Now we want to focus on the experiential side, by opening stores in seaside towns and cities”. Why? “consumers have changed: “seasons are more flexible – says a convinced Mr. D’Angelantonio -: the client can find him/herself in a warm location and a cold one within a week’s time”. No more being solely the cashmere and vicuna store, but also no more being just a clothing store: “Loro Piana is growing – writes the Financial Times -. Sales are up and the brand’s commercial outreach is expanding. Shoes are selling well, and the brand will soon strengthen its leather goods department”.

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