Louis Vuitton to invest again in manufacturing, after buying out a site in Vendôme for a 180-employee fashion workshop

On the site of a military base, closed down after World War One, formerly occupied by the refectory of an ancient Benedictine monastery, Louis Vuitton is due to open, in 2020, a new 180-employee fashion workshop. In 2018, the fashion brand, comprised in LVMH group, launched a manufacturing investments campaign in France (and in other countries too). Lately, they have bought out a historic building, 3,000 square meters wide, placed in Vendôme, in the Loire Centre-Valley region. Price: 1.7 million euros. In the same deal, previously agreed with the Regional Department of Cultural Affairs, Louis Vuitton also bought, paying symbolically 10,000 euros, Vendôme brand: as reported by Le Parisien, here, in the sixteenth century, they used to manufacture gloves for the French royal family.


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