Luxury plans: Ferragamo control suppliers while taking time to appoint new CEO, D&G say no (again) to any possible transfer

Someone needs to take his time, as much as possible, before reaching a strategic decision about the future of his own company. On the other hand, someone else has already made up his mind, long time before, and is absolutely sure he will be the owner of his brand forever (in the afterlife as well). Ferruccio Ferragamo is gearing up for the board meeting, on the agenda next 20 April (they are supposed to ratify the last drop, -3,1%, in the financial statement). In the meantime, while talking to the Sole 24 Ore, he points out that, despite Poletti’s upsetting resignation, there is no hurry about the appointment of the new chief executive officer: “First we shall attend to rearrange the general management and decentralize tasks – he said -, then we’ll pinpoint the new CEO, either inside our group or outside it”. However, there is no deadline for such decision: “We have not fixed any deadline: the important thing is to make the right choice”. In contrast, Ferragamo have been speeding up on the issue of sustainability, on which they have set a strategic plan for the next three years. The group announced they have been supervising, from 2014 to 2017, 150 supplying companies (70 follow-up inspections have been carried out after the previous reviews), while implementing a wide monitoring action that is bound to be closely continued. Moving on to Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, they made clear a couple of things, while talking to the Corriere della Sera. To begin with, they are not selling the brand. “Any acquisition offer? We rejected them all – they said -: we made a trust none of us can touch, to guarantee the future of the brand”. In addition to that, talking about their future, the team points out that the D&G brand will stay alive as long as they do: “Once we are dead, we are dead. That’s why we do not want a Japanese fashion designer to sketch Dolce&Gabbana”. Understand?


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