LVMH is gifting 2 (maybe 3) French leather goods factory to Louis Vuitton and is betting on the New York-based sneaker temple

Louis Vuitton is expanding production. The brand from LVMH group is ready to open two new laboratories in France for the production of bags and leather goods, two sites that will give work to around 500 employees, bringing the number of operators to 4000 overall. The first laboratory, already announced, should open by the end of July this year, while the second one would be expected by 2019. The French conglomerate has no intention to stop: it would have, it seems like, also a third site scheduled, which could open its doors next year, too. The expansion was planned to meet the growing demand for leather goods, bags and wallets, of which Vuitton is among the world leaders. With the new openings, the brand will get to 16 production laboratories in France: the last opening dates back to last year, the previous one to 2011. Meanwhile, LVMH, through the financial support for emerging companies (Luxury Ventures), it might be considering to enter into the capital of Stadium Goods. The retail company, founded in 2015, thanks to the peculiar distribution model (digital channel integrated to the only store in New York), has established itself as the temple for sneakers and, in general, for casual fashion. The French, according to the international press, see major prospects for business development.


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