LVMH keep booming: +13% (nearly 11 billion euros) in 2018 first quarter. Leather goods do even better: +16% (4,2 billion euros)

In the Paris headquarters, they are in high spirits, as they make it clear in their self-assured releases: “We went beyond analysts forecast”. In fact, LVMH 2018 first quarter has been impressively grand: turnover went up by 13%, as revenues reached nearly 11 billion euros. Some representatives of the French group’s board stress the fact that their business is going hand in hand with Chinese positive trend. That is why they have been going beyond the “amazing” accomplishments achieved in 2017: +11% in the fourth quarter, +12% in the whole financial year. As well, such performance neatly exceeded the expectations of the main finance analysts, who had predicted “only” a 9% increase. It is not just that though. In fact, the business booming of LVMH, which own 70 brands across a very various range of products, mostly lays its expansion on the results achieved by the core business division, namely the one that comprises all brands focused on “Fashion and Leather Goods”. Earnings increased by 16% on annual basis at constant scope and by 25% at current rates of exchange, thus leading to an overall turnover of 4,2 billion euros and even besting the shining performances carried out in 2017. It is no coincidence, then, that some brands, run by the French giant, Louis Vuitton to begin with, keep investing to enhance their productive capacity with regard to leather goods accessories: demand for them is extremely high, and they need to meet it promptly. No wonder business is booming.


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